Thursday, January 29, 2009

Week 5 - Disappointing

Oh well, it was bound to happen. The dreaded Plateau.

I know that I have not missed a work out this week or have slipped in the eating department, but maybe the high stress of this past week and the fact that my whole cycle seems to be a state of insanity, as I have been spotting for the last 3 weeks (I have been on the Pill for over 2 yrs at this point after taking a 5 year break) has something to do with it???

I'm going with that is nothing to worry about and it will sort itself out. I know I will reach my goal and this minor setback will not be an issue.

Weight: 131 lbs
Bust: 36 in
Waist: 30.5
Hips: 40

Week 5 Overall Weight & Inches Loss:

Weight: - 7 lbs
Bust: -2 in
Waist: -2.5 in
Hips: -1 in

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