Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm a Squash

As bad as that may sound, its not!!

I've always been well aware of the health implications of carrying weight around your waist, especially for us ladies, so when I found this neat little gadget I was eager to see where I fit in.

This is what my Waist-to-Hip Calculator says.

Current Waist: 30.5
Current Hips: 40

Based on the information you provided, your waist-hip ratio is 0.75

You are squash-shaped and seem to store a moderate amount of fat around your abdomen.

What Your Results Mean:

Good for you! Your current waist-hip ratio is not associated with significantly increased health risks. You can continue to maintain a healthy waist-hip ratio with good eating and exercise habits.

In general, the greater your waist-hip ratio, the greater your health risks. One study indicates that women who are apple-shaped are more than three times as likely to develop heart disease than pear-shaped women. Women who are squash-shaped have a greater risk of developing heart disease than pear-shaped women but a lower risk than those who are apple-shaped.

Risk for diabetes also appears to go up in relation to higher waist-hip ratios. A recent study indicates that women with waist-hip ratios of 0.86 (squash-shaped) are three times more likely to develop diabetes than women with waist-hip ratios of 0.70 (pear-shaped).2 Another study suggests that women with high waist-hip ratios are over 14 times more likely to develop diabetes than those with low waist-hip ratios.

Other research has shown that people with higher waist-hip ratios are more likely to develop high blood pressure than those with lower waist-hip ratios.

Having an increased risk for a particular condition does not mean that you will necessarily develop it. However, knowing you may be at an increased risk may encourage you to work with your doctor to make changes that could help lower your risk.

Check yourself out here: Waist to Hip Calculator

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