Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Damn, They Got Me Again!

Well, it would appear that I have succumbed to the trickery of advertising.

I hate to admit that.

After reading this article I am prompted to confes that I have been in the past a energy bar lover. The Lemon Luna bars were my faves, with the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Whole Grain Power Bars coming in a very close second.

I stuffed them in my ski and bike bags when heading out to take on the mountains, shoved them into my backpacks when travelling and always kept one in my purse for “just in case”.

BUT that has all come to an abrupt halt – STARTING NOW!

Why is that you may ask? Well this is why:

Energy bars usually contain protein and fiber—nutrients that help you feel full—but also may be loaded with calories. That’s fine if you occasionally make one a meal, but most of us eat them as snacks. You might as well enjoy a Snickers, which at 280 calories is in the same range as many energy bars.

Lesson learned: If you need something to tide you over until dinner, look for a calorie-controlled bar with about 5 grams of protein (e.g., Balance 100-calorie bar, Promax 70-calorie bar).

For even more upsetting news (IE: Some salads are just as chock full of fat and calories as a double cheeseburger) keep reading: Is Your Health Food Really Healthy?

Thursday, May 7, 2009


And in just one week - Wow

It would appear that my hard work both in the gym and in the kitchen is already paying off ... and BIG TIME.

This morning, for whatever reason - I don't really know why, I hopped on the scale (which is not something I am doing regularly anymore) and I was pleasantly surprised to see the numbers.

Since my initial weigh-in with the Kiwi I have shed 4.5 lbs!!


I guess the grueling workouts 3 times a week, the 40 km training rides and my mountain biking has started to pay off.

If this keeps up, well I don't know what to say other than this gal will be over the moon!

I have a date with the Kiwi tonight and am strangely looking forward to it - Whadda know?

Would you eat a stack of 16 sugar cubes?

I bet not, BUT you probably do, and more than you may have realised.

My GF Kel sent me a link to this site the other day and I have been stalking it ever since.

I have found it to be brutally eye opening.

In her own words " Those little stacks of sugar are gonna haunt me for ever" and I could not agree more.

Check it out here: SugarStacks

For their full site, click here: SugarStacks Blog

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Notes on Last Nights Session

  • First things first – I can walk today, unlike last week when I was suffering from lead legs

  • This session was much easier than the last, simply because I am again healthy and not hacking up gobs of phlegm and suffering from non-stop coughing fits … lovely, I know

  • As with most things, I seem to always be going too fast and need to remember SLOW DOWN

  • I have balance issues when doing walking lunges - picture the hilarity of me falling sideways with a 10 pound medicine ball hugged to my chest

  • The Plank, however effective it may be, is an evil, evil torture

  • Ball crunches, again regardless of effectiveness, were designed by the Devil

  • It started to rain when I was sweating it out, so I had to pedal home in the wet, in true VanCity styles

  • _____________________________________________________________________________________

    OVERALL, it was a killer workout and I loved it. I felt like a machine at the end. I was sweating my ASS off and even felt the twinges or nausea at one point. A clear sign I was working it hard times.

    Kiwi gave me a list of exercises and stretches to do on my own and a schedule for cardio.

    Next round of crunches and squats is Thursday then a minor break in the routine for the Stills show on Friday night and then BOOM - I have a 40 km training ride on Saturday …

    Monday, May 4, 2009

    Session 2

    Tonight is my second session with the Killer Kiwi...

    Kiwi and I have two session booked for this week, in addtion to my bike clinic starting on Wendesday ...

    My legs just stopped hurting yesterday from our Thursday session ...

    This does not bode well ...