Friday, March 30, 2012

Whip Em Out!!

Yay!! I am feeling more empowered now than ever!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

32 Weeks

Officially 8 months gone ... and am SO READY TO BE DONE BEING PREGGO!

Yes, again its a beautiful, wonderful time but for the love of god I am not going to be sad to say good bye to:

  • The every 20 minute bathroom breaks
  • Never-ending heartburn and acid reflux
  • Insomnia
  • Restless legs
  • Sore, achy back and hips
  • Giant, heavy boobs (yah, really not as fun as some may think)
  • Itchy, flakey, dry skin
  • Inability to reach feet or bend at the non-existent waist
  • Swollen, fat feet
  • Weight gain in areas other than tummy and chest (really, do I need a bigger booty and thicker thighs to have a healthy pregnancy?!)
  • Trying to roll (note: not simply get up) gracefully off the couch/bed
  • Red, violent stretch marks that are taking up space on my now giant hips - though I suppose those wont really just go away after Peanut arrive *sigh*
But for all of the above, there are defiantly some things that I have enjoyed, such as:
  • No excuse needed for crying, yelling, sleeping and eating excessive amounts of chocolate
  • Feeling Peanut move and groove around inside me
  • Seeing Peanut move and groove around inside me
  • Meeting new and experienced Mommas also expecting little ones in May (thanks and Facebook!)
  • Bonding with P over all sorts of fantastic things like crib building, stoller selection and Hypnobabies

So really, for all the uncomfortable and annoying, there has been some pretty darn good stuff and there is even more to come - MEETING PEANUT!!

I am so anxious and excited to lay eyes and hands on this little wonder. I am dying to see what they look like, what they sounds like, see who they will be like. 

But this, this I am more than happy to say GOOD BYE to

Sunday, March 11, 2012

REPOST: Vegan Feminist Agitator: Another Disgruntled Vegan Alphabet, 2011 Edition

Its been a while since I posted something like this but shit, I just could not resist, it was just so perfect.

Vegan Feminist Agitator: Another Disgruntled Vegan Alphabet, 2011 Edition: You know that I am a proud, happy vegan. I am always the first one to put a positive spin on vegan living because I am so overflowing with ...