Thursday, June 3, 2010

Traveling the World as a Vegan

Next week I am heading out on a long awaited and dreamed of 4 month adventure through Southern Africa and South East Asia.

I am super excited to be venturing out into the world and experiencing new cultures and meeting new and fantastic people.

But I am also nervous about the reality of keeping to my vegan lifestyle and diet.

Through lots of internet research and talking to others who have traveled similar routes I feel that I will be able to maintain my diet, even if it means eating loads of rice and beans.

Check out some of these sites out for more info on traveling as a vegan:

I am looking forward to trying local foods as much as I can and don't feel that I will be missing out or not having a full experience by avoiding meat, dairy and eggs.

I hope to be able to post about my travel and food experiences as often as possible, however some of my locations (such as the Kalahari desert and the hill of Northern Laos) may not lend themselves to internet access.

Otherwise, I will be back in action in October with (I'm sure) loads of stories both good and bad.

Wishing you all a fabulous, healthy, vegany-good summer!!!

Canada's Food Safety Rated Among World's Best!

Sometime I am so proud to be Canadian!

A report comparing Canada's food safety system with other industrialized nations places the country among the best in the world at protecting the quality of the food supply.

Canada tied for fourth place with the United States, behind Denmark, Australia and the United Kingdom, according to the independent report prepared and paid for by the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, part of the University of Saskatchewan and University of Regina.

The nation's food safety is ranked as superior based on factors such as the rate of food-borne illness, inspections, education programs, use of agricultural chemicals and strategies on bioterrorism, risk management and food recalls.