Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I resolve to ...

  1. Lose all the baby weight + 25lbs
  2. Go to bed no later than 10pm whenever I can
  3. Read more - lots more
  4. Get out of as much debt as possible
  5. Find a new job that I love (this one should be interesting)


I have not written anything in while as I have been uber, crazy stupid tired and busy being a Mom.

And I love it. I am SO in love with my boy, his smile, his talking, his bonkers somewhat bipolar behaviour. I love every second of him being in my life and cannot even begin to think of what it would be like with out him. He has changed me forever and I am so incredibly thankful for that.

So in reality, until something gives and I have more time I can assume that I will not be posting too much of anything.

2012 was full of changes
  • May = Arrival of the best thing I have ever done in my life - my amazing son *gush*
  • June = Hubby accepts work transfer with a 2 week moving period - AHHHHHHHH!
  • July = Cross country move into temp condo (ooooh so cozy)
  • August/September = Brutal house hunt in TO, multiple offers, multiple losses, FINALLY a home to call ours
  • October = Move into new house
  • December =  Christmas/Holiday madness

All I want for 2013 is health, happiness and simplicity. 2012 had enough action to last us a while :)