Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Notes on Last Nights Session

  • First things first – I can walk today, unlike last week when I was suffering from lead legs

  • This session was much easier than the last, simply because I am again healthy and not hacking up gobs of phlegm and suffering from non-stop coughing fits … lovely, I know

  • As with most things, I seem to always be going too fast and need to remember SLOW DOWN

  • I have balance issues when doing walking lunges - picture the hilarity of me falling sideways with a 10 pound medicine ball hugged to my chest

  • The Plank, however effective it may be, is an evil, evil torture

  • Ball crunches, again regardless of effectiveness, were designed by the Devil

  • It started to rain when I was sweating it out, so I had to pedal home in the wet, in true VanCity styles

  • _____________________________________________________________________________________

    OVERALL, it was a killer workout and I loved it. I felt like a machine at the end. I was sweating my ASS off and even felt the twinges or nausea at one point. A clear sign I was working it hard times.

    Kiwi gave me a list of exercises and stretches to do on my own and a schedule for cardio.

    Next round of crunches and squats is Thursday then a minor break in the routine for the Stills show on Friday night and then BOOM - I have a 40 km training ride on Saturday …

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