Friday, January 23, 2009

mmmmmm Smoothies

I have reconnect with my love of the smoothie, forgetting just how yummy & satisfying they can be.

With a little skim milk, frozen fruit and some protein powder (I'm a chocolate fan myself), it can be the best way to start you day or a great anytime treat. I have them for breakfast a few days a week & as my post-workout treat.

I have taken to keeping frozen sliced bananas (which add a lot of volume and keep the tummy full) raspberries and strawberries my freezer and am now always smoothie ready.

Just a few minutes in the morning and BOOM! You’ve got high protein, low fat drinkable goodness. Plus, they are totally portable. Pour them into a travel mug and you have the perfect Meal-On -The -Go.

AND they have awesome benefits too:

Homemade fruit smoothies are packed with ingredients proven to keep you full for hours: fiber from whole fruits, soy or whey protein, essential fats, wholesome yogurt, etc.

Scientists from the New York Obesity Research Center found that people who used GNC's soy-based shakes lost three times more weight than those who consumed the same amount of calories eating regular food.

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Here are some great sites for all sorts of recipes that anyone can take on:

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