Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby Got Back

Who dosen't want a firm, perky butt? I sure as heck do. Watch out J.Lo and Mz. Kardashian ... here comes Mizz T!

You've spent the last six months working your butt off at the office -- juggling meetings, e-mails and the paper tsunami otherwise known as your in-box. And while your boss is satisfied and your paychecks are getting fatter, all those hours spent sitting behind a desk have taken their toll. Instead of sporting a lifted rear end, you feel like you have cubicle butt.

Before you resign yourself to wearing a coverup all summer, try these exclusive moves from the "Quick Fix Buns" video (Peter Pan Industries), designed to zero in on your butt muscles, so you can get a rounder, more lifted look in time for beach season.

According to certified trainer Nancy Popp, who stars in the "Buns" video, one secret to the "Quick Fix" is targeting your butt from different angles. All of the exercises shown on these pages are done while you're standing, but small changes in position -- such as turning out your toes or rotating your knee out from your hip -- let you hit your buttocks from a variety of important directions.

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