Sunday, November 14, 2010

World Diabetes Day ... and other rants

Today, November 14th, is World Diabetes Day.

My Dad has been struggling with Type II Diabetes for over a decade now. My Nana had Type I.

My Nana is no longer with us. Not because of her diabetes, but due to heart related issues (which could have stemmed from her diabetes, but we will never know). But my Dad still is with us and I want him here for as long as possible.

I try to help my Dad by giving encouragement and offering advice on his diet and ideas as to manage his illness. He listens to me and nods and is polite. And then he continues along in the same way that he always has and nothing changes. He is old school. He is stubborn. He is very much like me.

I am hoping that one day I can get through to him and show him that his diet is the KEY to his health and well being. I am hoping that he will watch these videos and listen and take them to heart. (I have emailed him the links so we'll see ...)

As far as I am concern that is all he needs to address in order to make massive changes in his life and health. And this is the case with most people who are suffering from various diseases and health issues

I think Morgan hits it on the head with his comments on fear, on people being scared about making the change and taking on the "Machine". I think we should be more scared of dying young, suffering from ridiculously preventable heath issues and disease and being dependent on pharmaceuticals.

And sorry, but WTF is with removing Phys Ed from schools? That is probably the most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard. I don't even come close to understanding that. Its not like parents are taking over this responsibility. Kids are fatter and lazier and more unhealthy now than ever. I don't see parks and fields over run with kids anymore. When I was a kid it took all of my Mom's strength to reel us in for a day outside playing with our friends, riding our bikes, exploring the local parks and making forts. All I see now are sad and empty parks, fields and streets.

Where they hell are all the kids? Oh right, they are inside getting fatter and fatter, lazier and lazier, dumber and dumber while eating crappy over processed and preserved foods while parked in front of a TV or computer. Awesome. A "Nation of Fat Readers" is in the making ....

One day, dammit ONE DAY! kids will pitch a fit for an apple over an Oreo... One day, one day ..... A girl can dream can't she?

PLEASE WATCH THESE and do yourself and your family a world of good: The Simply Raw VIDEO SERIES

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