Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It's always amazing when I get emails, comments and notes sent to me, good or bad, about the things I write and post. I shocks me to realize that people actually read my blog. I really though I had like 2 friends and a few family members popping in just to be nice.

I was sent this note after I posted a comment on a YouTube video and it warmed my heart so I wanted to share the love:

MinaInSA hat dir eine Nachricht gesendet:
Congrats to your first anniversary!!! Just celebrated my first anniversary of being vegan, too (on the 1st of October) and read your comment at the video -maketheconnection-.
I feel the same you do, never felt better and cannot imagine to ever go back again for I've learned so much about life and educate myself every single day.
No regrets, eyh?! Only one thing makes me sad, the fact that it took me so long to find the right way.
Keep well and keep up your spirit. :-)
Vegan hugs and love from South Africa, Cxx

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Janelle said...

It sure is nice when you get a little hello or recognition from people that read your blog :) It makes it feel a little less like talking to yourself ;)