Sunday, November 21, 2010

Veganism in a Nutshell

Classic. After I wrote the title for the post this popped into my head. Good funnies ....

ANYWAY ....... I was flipping through my cookbooks this morning, as I do every Sunday, trying to figure out what I was going to take on for my weekly cooking extravaganza this afternoon and I was stopped when I read the first few pages of the conscious cook by Chef Tal Ronnen.

I’m not big on preaching my life choices to others (though if you open the door, I will come charging in!), but this struck me and I feel that I should share. I always feel like I need to explain why I became vegan and validate my choice to others and its annoying. I come up with something different to say each time depending on who I am talking too (shocking I know, but I really have no desire to get into heated conversations or debates with all my friends, thanks). But this may be the answer. I think I may just get this on a t-shirt and wear it 24/7 so I no longer have to answer the question.

Tal nailed it on the head with his succinct and elegant definition of veganism. And he did it “without being preachy”.

Reproduced from the conscious cook

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