Monday, November 22, 2010

Ex-Vegans - A Rant

Over the last few weeks, a few articles and posts have popped up online about or written by ex-vegans, discussing how they came to toss their vegan lives out the window and each article seems to have the same effect on me.

They make me mad. Very mad. Angry even.

Not mad because "We" have lost one to the "Other" Team, but angry because they were so fast to flip and seeming so easily swayed back to meat and dairy.

Where was the conviction of choice? Where was the passion? Was it ever there to being with? Were these people every really on board or were they just tagging along for a ride?

When I made the CHOICE to become vegan I knew that I was going to have to be diligent and educated in order to keep healthy, fit and strong. I knew I would have to supplement my diet where needed (B12, iron, etc.) and that just removing animal products from my diet and not taking the time or care to learn how to replace them was just stupid and irresponsible.

Don't all people who make massive life changes realize that they will actually have to do some work to make it an effective change?

After reading these posts I feel that these cases of ex-vegans are isolated and relate only to those that are mis or under educated, lazy and basically stupid. And I really don't care how that sounds. Harsh, fine, mean, fine. I really don't care.

People like these make it hard for the rest of us to be taken seriously and to be respected. They make it seem like its all crap, when in fact it's just them; they were the ones that didn't do the work to being with and are now suffering.


Wanna read the articles that got me all riled up? Here they are:

Do Ex-Vegans’ Stories Make the Case Against Vegan Diets? | The Vegan RD

And that was a nice little Monday rant ... now back to work ....


Jeni Treehugger said...

I only read Voracious Vegan's post. Veganism is not for everyone - I know of three people in the last 2 years whose health has suffered and deteriorated because of their vegan diet. And they did eat a well balanced diet - it was documented weekly on their blog exactly what foods they were eating and they were doing it right. I completely sympathise with any vegan who has to rethink their eating habits and go against their beliefs and ethics in order to be healthy and all I can say is "their before the grace of god go I".

Janelle said...

Thank you for sharing :) I agree with you in being educated with your decisions (esp. regarding B12 and iron... there vegan friendly versions out there too).
However I do sympathize with those who are making educated choices, tried something and it didn't work out for them. I could understand the frustration. However, that's personal and they shouldn't sway anyone to follow them or join them. Just inform.

TinyByNature said...

Jeni & Janelle - Thank you for your comments! I really appreciate them and love knowing people actually read my little blog :)

I think what maybe got under my skin the most, was that these ex-vegans are now preaching their Born Again Omnivorism. I take a NO PREACHING stance on all things vegan, and in some ways that might actually make me a "bad" vegan in the eyes of some. I may rant and talk when engaged or asked but otherwise I don't go around beating people over the head with my veganism. To each their own. I also wish that these ex-vegans I am referring to had done more research into their health issues, searched our various information sources and really dug into the problems they were facing before jumping ship and trying to lead us all along with them. Some of the comments they made and sources they cite are very suspect.

But in the end, like you both said, To Each Their Own. That is something I will always stand-by.