Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy World Vegan Day!

World Vegan Day is an annual event celebrated on 1 November, by vegans around the world. The Day was established in 1994 by Louise Wallis, then President & Chair of The Vegan Society UK. 2010 marks the 66th anniversary of the term 'vegan' (and thus the verbally clarified concept of 'veganism' and of the Vegan Society). (Thanks Wikipedia)
One year ago today I made the choice to remove animal products from my life. I don't eat, wear or otherwise consume animal products or by-products.

Most people expressed love and support for my decision, others however shouted out concern and outright contempt for my choice. I was accused of being radical and uneducated in my decision. I was going to get sick, ruin my health and revert back to my omnivore ways before the month was over.

Well, here I am, 12 months later and still VEGAN and PROUD. I am in the best health of my life, my skin is glowing and my lifelong acne issues are a thing of the past. My weight is healthy and easily maintained. My sleep patterns are solid and I now wake up feeling refreshed and energized. My heart is warm and content and my mind is at peace with my choice. For me, this is now the only way I will live.

I am not a fool. I take care of myself and do not live on lettuce, peanut butter and water. I eat like a champ, never am I hungry and I have rediscovered my LOVE of cooking and creating in the kitchen. I visit my Naturopath for monthly check ups and vitamin booster shots in addition to taking daily vegan friendly vitamins (Multi vitamin, B12, B16 and Folic Acid)

To honor today I thought I would share my favorite website, blogs, movies, books and articles in hopes that after reading them you will be inspired to think about and evaluate your current lifestyle and realize that by adopting a animal & cruelty free lifestyle you will not only be helping yourself, but you will be helping you friends, family, children (both here and now and in the future), as well as your environment and your planet.

Before exploring these links, watch the following video and get a good understanding of what becoming and being a vegan really means:

A Life Connected: VEGAN from on Vimeo.



You'll notice I didn't post a PETA link. Why? Because I feel that they are a group of radical, hypocritical freaks who do nothing but harm to the vegetarian/vegan community by creating hate and fear. That is not what I am about and therefore I do not support them.

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