Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mmmm, Animal Bones in My Glass

I have been aware of animal products being being used in alcohol, spirit and beer refining & filtering for a while now.

It is both unnecessary and gross. There are other ways to do this.

Just look at Amstel, Alexander Keith's, Becks, Creemore Springs (A personal fave of mine since I grew up spending my summers in this small, quaint Ontario town) and Corona to name just a few brewery that are FULLY VEGAN.

This post reminded me to be diligent when at the booze barn.

I’ll take a shot of animal bones on the rocks please

And this handy-dandy website makes it very easy and impossible to claim it too hard to do.

You have no excuse. Unless you like fish bladders, eggs and horse joints in your beer and vino ....

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