Sunday, March 29, 2009

And the Training BEGINS!

Well, today was the first of our training rides for the Ride to Conquer Cancer.

Phil and I will be out on a ride each weekend from now until the event (excluding the 2 weekends we are away partying in the desert for Coachella, cuz that gonna be a whole other kind of workout, ya know what I'm saying?).

For our inaugural ride, we headed out for a 20km pedal around 4pm with the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky - the weather was perfect - Sunny, dry and about 10 degrees - Excellent.

I had mapped out a pretty straight forward course of us from our door to UBC Campus, about 10 km each way. What I had not thought about was all the climbing that would be involved in Lap 1 - WOWZA, those small, unassuming hills make your hamstrings burn and your quads become lead.

We made it to UBC in just under 30 minutes and took a short break before heading back home, both of us grateful for the fact that all the climbing was a thing of the past and we could coast our way back home, well, most of the way.

The ride ended up being totally great. We both felt really good and acomplished since we were worried about our fitness levels, BUT it would appear that I am in WAY better shape that I ever thought and the ride was far less painful that I had anticipated.

We ended up home and locking up our bikes about 75 minutes after we had left. Not at all bad for our first time out.

Next week we'll try a different route and see if we can avoid some of those hills and make some better time ...

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