Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Week 2.V2 - Better Late Than Never

Well, I'm late again with my posting. Sorry, but life has seemingly gotten in the way.

While I am still on track with my new goals and feeling good about it, I have also decided to kick up the workouts a notch and have embarked on the new regime, aptly named the Belly-Off Club, via Woman's Health Magazine.

My first workout was on Monday and my legs still hurt.

I am off to the gym in a hour and have to admit that the Wednesday workout looks just as hard as the Monday one and I have no idea if I will be able to walk after it - LOL

But its all good - Working big muscle groups, using super sets to get max results and before I know it, 8 weeks will have passed and hopefully with them a few lbs and even more inches.

Week 2 - No changes so far but I know they will arrive - Its all about the positive outlook :)

Bust: 34
Waist: 29
Hips: 39

Overall Inches Lost:
Bust: -4
Waist: -4
Hips: -3

Total Inches: -11

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