Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The First Meeting …

I’m back from my first meeting at the gym …

It’s a nice, clean place with loads of cardio equipment, a small ladies area, a few studio rooms for classes and a great trainer only section.

Signed my life away and met with Dave, the Kiwi that is gonna kick my ass.

I was, as stated below, nervous about having a dude train me, but after meeting him and spending the better part of an hour talking to him about my goals, I realised it will be good fit.

He likes to focus on free weights, swiss ball and cable exercises (which I have never done) so it’s a perfect fit, since I hate the weight machines and much prefer to use free weights and am DYING to get more use out of the swiss ball.

After that it was truth time – Weigh-In, Measurements and all that horrible stuff.

I am heavier than I thought by 3 pounds and my measurements were way off - UGH!

Well, I guess nothing like the ugly TRUTH smacking you in the face to get you moving.

Thursday is the first day of actual training … and I know he is gonna make me sweat … and I can’t wait!


Anonymous said...

The plan sounds great! But, what are cable exercises?! Bummer about the measurements, tho :( It's good that you're using it as motivation - YOU GO GIRL!

Echo said...

Good luck today!

TinyByNature said...

thanks guys!!