Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Victory: Monsanto drops GE Wheat

I dont even know what to say. I know this is old news but it makes me want to jump for joy, yell from the roof tops and do cartwheels.

I am overjoyed that Monsanto is starting to be put in their place. Hopefully this is just the begining.

Thanks to years of pressure from environmental groups, the consumers, our cyberactivists and Greenpeace, today we can annnounce a victory for the environment following the announcement by Monsanto that they would suspend further development or open field trials of its genetically engineered, Roundup Ready wheat.

"This is a victory for the environment, farmers and consumers," said Pat Venditti, our GE campaigner in Canada. "Strong rejection of GE wheat from virtually every corner of the globe once again showed the resistance to GE foods."

Monsanto announced today that they will defer all further efforts to introduce Roundup Ready wheat, and that they will discontinue breeding and field level research of the crop. This follows a similar announcement in 2003 when the company announced its withdrawal from the development of pharmaceutical crops.

"Let's hope GE wheat permanently joins GE flax, GE tomatoes and GE potatoes in the dustbin of bad ideas. Rather than having to restage this battle in four years time, we hope that Monsanto has heard loud and clear that genetically engineered wheat is a non-starter," continued Mr. Venditti. "The Canadian Government should make a note of this and re-think its devotion to this unnecessary technology."

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