Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Soy Debate

I get so much flack for soy.

People (who are mostly uneducated on the subject) are constantly telling me that soy is bad for me, that if I include it in my diet I will harm myself, develop cancer and all sorts of other crap.

Watch out!!! Its killer tofu.


Where these people get their info I don’t know, but it is beyond irritating to have to keep hearing this garbage.

So when I read articles like this: Settling The Soy Controversy, it take an incredible amount of willpower not to email it off to each and every one of those people with a giant I TOLD YOU SO tacked to the end!

I’m sorry, what was that?:

Studies show that “women who include soy products in their routines are less likely to develop breast cancer, compared with other women”

Or was it that the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2009 stated that women diagnosed with breast cancer can reduce the risk of recurrence by adding soy products to their diet.

Or was it that “soy products may reduce the risk of fibroids, knots of muscle tissue that form within the thin muscle layer that lies beneath the uterine lining”
Maybe it was “Clinical studies show that soy products do not cause hypothyroidism”

Ok, deep breathes ….

I understand that as I vegan I challenge people (intentionally or not) to look at and evaluate their own personal lifestyle choices.

I understand that the most common and immediate reaction to veganism is one of defence and argument, mainly out of ignorance and fear.

But I don’t go around standing on a soapbox, preaching and ramming my vegan ideals down people throats. If I am asked for information or to comment on something then I will, however until then I keep my comments and feelings in check (while inside I may scream), presenting a calm and composed front.

I’m not out to lead any sort of vegan war. Sure, it would be lovely to go on a rampage, telling everyone that I encounter about the dangers and disgusting facts about meat and dairy, about animal cruelty and the environmental impacts of the aforementioned.

I would be lying it I didn’t admit that I would love it if every single person chose to adopt the vegan lifestyle.

But let’s get real. I have no delusions of this happening anytime soon.

Maybe, in my lifetime I will see more people convert to a plant-based, cruelty free lifestyle, but that’s a maybe.

So in closing, let me just say this one more time


That is all.

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