Thursday, March 18, 2010

Detox Phase II

Phase I of the detox was the prep. Now I am on to Phase II – Liver detox

My naturopath gave me 21 days of MediHerb LivCo tablets to take 3x’s a day and according to my googling, the LivCo tablets will do the following:

*Aid in the elimination and cleanse the liver
*Enhance the productions of antioxidants in the liver
*Increase the natural synthesis of proteins in the liver
*Support healthy liver function
*Protect again the damaging effects of free radicals

That all sounds pretty good to me. I'm still feeling great from Phase I and am still sleeping better and feeling well rested every morning.

I'm also still drinking at least 1.5 litres of distilled water a day and I have noticed a big difference in my skin and complexion. Almost no acne now (FINALLY! At 31 … geeze) and a more even tone and texture overall.

Again, as before, these are all good things.

I have also started a massive overhaul on my gym routine. Aside from adding in at least 20 minutes of running, I have started working on the circuit training as outlined in the Jillian Michaels’ book MAKING THE CUT. It’s a pretty intense workout based on circuit training, plyometrics and stacking and it’s kicking my ass, literally.

The promise of the plan is to, as you can gather from the title of the book, get cut. And of course, she says that you can make this promise a reality in a mear 30 days. I suppose if you do nothing but work out everyday and follow her routine to a T then sure, you may get ripped in 30 days. Me, I’ll be more than happy to look “cut” by June. That’s me being realistic.

I already hit the gym 3 times a week and so sure, I’m game for adding a few more days in there to make it an even 5, but that’s it. I have a life, school and work to balance outside of the weight room so that’s as much as a commitment as I am able and willing to make.

But just from the last two days, I think that June is more than realistic. I am gonna look ripped, and toned and strong on the beaches of Thailand.

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