Saturday, October 31, 2009


Ever since I mentioned to people that I was thinking about making the change from meat-eater to non-meat-eater the opinions and comments have been flying at me from every direction.

I accept this.

But this one pushed me over the edge.

This was just posted to my Facebook page. This came from the wife of my oldest friend:

There are many things to keep in mind, this is a very complex and dangerous decision you are making, as we are omnivores and need a wide variety of foods to stay healthy.

Soy inhibits the production of new brain cells - organic or not, this is a dangerous food and many health food stores have stopped carrying any soy products as a result.

Meat is not intrinsically bad for the environment or your health. Develop a relationship with a local organic farmer, question them about their methods and see their farm. We buy all our beef and pork from a wonderful farmer nearby and the difference from store bought meat could not be greater.

My biggest worry, Erin, is that you are extremely misinformed about nutrition. Iron, for example, is only easily absorbed from heme sources - animal based in other words.

Non-heme sources like the ones you mentioned do not have a form of iron that can be absorbed. It is vital to consume a food with a high vitamin C content or a heme source of iron at the same meal. Not vitamin C tablets - Health Canada is continually reminding us that vitamin supplements do not work at all - vitamins out of the context of food do not do anything - you should know this from the Michael Pollan book.

In fact, soy, whole grains and many vegetables actually inhibit absorption and should not be eaten at the same meal with iron rich foods. and

A great deal of research should be undertaken before a radical diet like this to avoid serious health issues.This research should not just consist of vegan propaganda but real health authorities."

First off, lets be clear - I, in no way, solicited this advice NOR am I stoked with the insinuation that I taking this decision lightly or relying on a single source of information. I got books and website coming out my ass these days and there is a lot to read and consider

As a general life rule, I choose to keep my opinions to myself until asked (and let me tell you, I HAVE SOME) and it really chaps my ass when others don't.

If I have a pet peeve its getting aggressive UNSOLICITED advice. When I ask for it - GO TO TOWN, until then KEEP YOUR TRAP SHUT!


Jim Purdy said...

Don't you just love the know-it-all True Believers who insist on pushing their special diet or religion or politics or multi-level-marketing scheme on everybody else?

Resh said...

wow that's intense! It's difficult to know what to do in a situation where someone gives you advice you didn't ask for. Part of me thinks she's telling you because she's concerned about you, but the other half of me is thinking she's telling you because you're doing something she is strongly against. SOmetimes it's best to only speak out like that when asked for your advice or opinion...