Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pump it Up

I am sick of being fat, carrying around 20lbs of baby weight + another 20 that I added on before I got preggo the first time.

That being said, I keep having to be reminded that being pregnant x3 in one year can mess up ones hormones and emotions a bit and to be a tad lenient on myself - and to pat myself on the back for loosing 35lbs in 11 months and doing nothing to lose it other than BFing, so I guess there is something to be said for that too.

But whatever, I hate how I look, the size of my pants and all the bits that jiggle and bounce so I am back on the eating well and work out wagon hard and I am loving it.

Eating is back in check and I think it being so nice outside more often than not is making it easier to make healthy choices. Plus we signed up for weekly CSA boxes from Fresh City Farms so there is zero excuse to see anything other than local, organic deliciousness on our plates each day. And there is something about the sunshine makes me want to eat salad and veggies more than french fries and chips.

Also bit the bullet and joined the gym. Reality, I was and will never be able to workout at home. I don't have the motivation or the desire to sweat in my living room. I need other people around me to inspire me to work hard and get my sweat on. I need the gym - end of

So on that note I have been at the gym x5 a week for a few weeks now and its been fantastic. E and I get up, eat brekkie and walk over to the gym every morning. They have child care so E can hang out and play while Momma gets her groove on. He benefits from that experience as much as I do in getting a hr to myself each day. The routine is brilliant for him, as he is a massive creature of habit and each day he konks out for a nice long nap once we get home. Score - more Mommy and steaming hot shower time!

And never was I a class gal before, but I have started taking BodyPump x3 a week and can't believe how much am digging it. Its brilliant. HR gets revving and the muscles and calories are burning. Just typing this now I am feeling it in my upper back, arms and shoulders. The top half got a good workout today, the legs as well. I also invested in a heart rate monitor so I can actually see my efforts and that is also a huge motivator. Seeing how much I can burn off in a few hours makes me crave it each day. I am actually at the point now where I feel icky when I don't get out and work out. Funny how fast that can happen.

Hoping that if I can keep this up, I will be back in fighting shape sooner than later, but I am more amped to take note of how great in general it is making me feel to hit the gym each day, to see little E enjoying his time with new friends and to know that I am doing something really great for him and me; showing him that a healthy lifestyle is easy and fun.

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