Thursday, May 2, 2013

Progress and Motivation

Eating well and exercising really works.

I never really doubted it, however it is still always amazing to me to see it actually work ... on my own self.

Weight and body image have been issues for me for decades  I have waged the battle of the bulge for as long as I can remember. My past major success have stemmed from lifestyle changes only, not dieting or sporadic exercise, nope, good old life changes are what works for this bod.

So here we go again. I slipped and slid right off the mark over the last 2 years, but I have reigned it in and taken control over the last month and the results have been fast and unexpected.

In less than 30 days I have shed a belt notch. That is huge. That is massive, that is the best motivation out there. Eff what the scales says, I am way more in love with what my pants say...

And they say keep at it lady, this is just the beginning.

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