Friday, January 20, 2012

Rant Part 2

In a email exchange with a  WONDERFUL friend of mine (and a MOM), I found myself expressing my thoughts quite well so I wanted to share. Seeing that my rant yesterday was a bit longwinded - this I think sums up my complaints a bit better :)

All know-it-all-Moms who force out opinions are those that are, what I firmly believe, be insecure, upset with their own experiences and generally uneducated or mis-educated.

I hate that I get crap for reading up on ALL SIDES of a topic and then making a choice that is right for me and in this case I DIDNT EVEN share my choice. It was the presumption that I was casting a negative and judgmental eye over everyone that really got me riled up. Attack me when I open myself up to it, otherwise you simply appear to be upset and defensive over nothing. I could care less if anyone had medicated births vs natural, c-sections vs vaginal, midwives vs OBs, home births vs hospital - Everyone has to chose what is right for them and HOPEFULLY those choices work out and the entire experience is what they hoped for, because unlike what was insinuated, I am more than aware that even the best laid plans can go pare shaped when the time comes.


I could unleash a shit ton of opinions and feelings on people but I choose not to, I could jump on everyone that I don’t align with and attack them with my opinions but I don’t and I just want the same courtesy provided to me.

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