Monday, December 12, 2011

Woosh, Woosh, Woosh!

Yay! Finally heard Peanut's little heart a beating - So crazy!!!

Dr says I am measuring perfect for 17 weeks and am a super healthy pregnant lady, despite me feeling like a house. She said my blood pressure was perfect so no matter how I think I look, I am not to worry about my weight.

2 more weeks until our 20 wk scan and our first OB appt and then we are 1/2 way done. WOW, May is coming FAST!

We have also booked our doula and signed up for our Hypnobabies class and I am so excited. I am so very determined to have an unmedicated delivery and really feel that this will help me achive this. I have head from some close friends such fantastic things about it and how wonderfully it worked for them I am hoping the same will be for me.

For more info on our doula lynn - here is her website:

For more info on Hypnobabies - here you have it

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K+S+J said...

Is it bad that when I first read "Hypnobabies", I thought about this: ??? ;)I'm reading up on it now - VERY cool!!!

So exciting, lady!!!!! I really hope you get your unmedicated birth!