Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Lazyness

Oh what bliss it has been to be away from work and stress since the 23rd. This preggo was in major need of a time out and so far its been just what the Dr. ordered.

My rented fetal doppler arrive on the 22nd so clearly that was my play toy for a while. Found Peanut pretty quickly and their little heart was beating at a very steady 150. Ya Peanut!

Friday was P's 35th birthday so off we went for dinner and drinks with a few friends before he and his crew headed over to the Canucks & Flames games. His birthday wish came true and the Flames won. Woo-hoo!

I went back to our hotel room (we were given a night at the Delta in Vancouver from a friend and man did that make for a nice night of luxury por moi and no stress trying to get home to the burbs for Mr. Party Pants), enjoyed a long warm bath, a laundry list of Christmas shows and a giant king sized bed. HOWEVER the leaving of my Snoogle at home proved disastrous, as I had a horrible nights rest and woke up in a very sour mood and aching head to toe. Lesson learned, Snoogle comes with Momma everywhere.

Christmas Eve was quiet for us, just what we wanted. We ate massive burritos, sipped hot chocolate and watched my all time fav holiday flick - Its a Wonderful Life. I bawled like a child at the end - way to go hormones, jeebz.

Bring on the lazy Christmas Day! Getting up somewhere around 10am, the coffee went on and the prezzies started to be opened. Again more tears when I opened the gift for Peanut from my Mom (Nana). She has been recovering from knee replacement for the last few weeks and clearly been using her time wisely :)

P & I managed to surprise each other with some of our gift choices, which was fantastic and then he made the water works flow again. All year I have been talking about wanting an silver, oval locket, something that from all my looking is bloody impossible to find. They are all seem to be overly cheesy gold hearts. Well leave it to my hubby to find the perfect one. I opened a tiny pink and silver box to find a beautiful, simple silver oval locket on a fine silver chain. Cue the tears. 

We had a fantastic dinner over a our friends place, my apple pie was a hit, as were my brussels sprouts (come on, they are awesome little nuggets of goodness) and a ton of laughs. We hunkered down to play a few rounds of board games once the food had settled and I quickly became the enemy of the group, as I took 2 out of 3 rounds with my wit and non-alcohol saturated brain.

Boxing Day = Lazy day with me wrapped in our new cozy throw, hot tea and left overs in hand. I space out for most of the day in front of our new Apple TV watching Mad Men and classic Canadian - Degrassi (the original Jr and High seasons - Oh my THANK YOU NETFLICKS!)

And now its the 27th, and more lazy is to come. P and I have plans to prep and paint the nursery this week (I will prep, he will paint) and we have our anatomy scan and first OB appointment tomorrow - So thrilled to be able to see my babes again.

19 wks down - 21 to go!

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K+S+J said...

Awwwwww! Sounds like a wonderful holiday so far! (Except for the rotten sleep without the snoogle - boo that)!