Sunday, December 4, 2011

Merry Preggo Christmas - Part #1

Went out to my first Christmas party last night, P's annual corporate bash in Whistler. Had an amazing afternoon with a 90 min massage and grabbed tea with some great girlfriends. 

THEN, we went to the party and the night went into the toilet. 

I was in a black dress and killer boots, rocking some great hair and makeup, feeling like a million bucks and only a little worried I looked like a whale. 

First comment came at 5 minutes into the night: "Woah! How much weight have you gained already, you must have gone up at least 2 sizes".  

Uuuuuh, ok ... I am stunned into silence - ME! 

2nd comment: "I was gonna say, either you've been slamming back the beers or something is going on in there"  - Followed by an unwelcome pat of the belly. 

Wow, ummm. Forced smiles and stiff uncomfortable laughter

3rd comment: 'You're only due in May? You keep going like that and you'll start to fall forward".  - Followed by an second unwelcome pat of the belly.  

Anger and tears now brewing. Keep it together E-Dot!

Wholly hell did my self esteem go into the toilet fast. I am fully aware of how much weight I have gained and where it is showing up (face, ass and gut). I am also very aware that I should be able to take these things with a grain of salt, but it was hard. Add in the fact that any woman I spoke to all night only wanted to talk pregnancy, babies, motherhood and was free with giving out LOADs of suggestions and advise (some great, some very annoying), that I was honestly the only sober person in a room of 100 drunks and that P was off and in fine form, the night had a emotionally charged feel to it. 

Then my headache returned - for the love of god. I called it a night at 10:30pm, with a hammered P walking me home to the hotel. He left me in bed, chugging water and smothered in drunk man kisses. He went back to continue his bender as I sat there watching Bring it On and praying to god that 

a) I dont become a massive whale of a woman over the next 6 months; and 
b) that my EFFING never-ending headache will someday leave.

I guess I need to chin up, but I may snap if people continue to make "honest" comments about my body, touch me (this one really gets me furious), and offer "advice".

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