Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New View of Obesity

A very interesting article today on cbc.ca regading the outlook and reality of today's growing overweight and obesity issues/

Its a stright forward slap in the face kind of article and this is why I like it. Its time to stop pulling punches and to be honest about diet, health and exercise.

Here are some of the highlights from Dr. Arya Sharma of the University of Alberta

On YoYo Dieting:
"The minute you go on a diet, the minute you start losing weight the first thing that happens is your body says, 'OK we're going to shut down the furnace, there's not enough fuel coming in, we're not going to be shifting to fourth gear anymore,' and it happens automatically," he said.

On Stereotypes:
"We keep hammering home the stereotype of the fat, lazy slobs who are eating fast food all the time who are not moving, not exercising or not taking care of themselves, making poor choices, when there's very little science that actually backs this up."

On Exercise:
"'There's a million benefits of exercise. It does everything including improving depression, preventing cancer; it'll do a million things for you. The one thing it does not do is help you lose weight.'"

Read the full article here: CBC News - Health - Doctor urges new view of obesity

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