Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Village on a Diet

I have admittedly become a fan of this show. As with Biggest Loser, I find myself more interested in the people and their stories and background than their weight loss. I feel for them, I want to see them succeed. And while I have defeated my weight demons (for the most part), there was a day when this little 5'0 gal was pushing 170 lbs. I was not so TINY then.

So I get it, I know where they are coming from. Plus there is no cash carrot dangling in front of them. They have to want to do this for themselves.

I bring this all up because I have been following this VOAD review column and find it interesting that the author chooses to pick apart the people and attack the production of the show.

Its only episode 3 and he is making noise about various things, like the fact that food and diet choices are only now being addressed (again, its EPISODE 3, not 12) and that the participants are being told to overhaul their diets in full and start from scratch. He complains that there is "No discussion of calories, just the same old, "servings". Ummmm, why on earth is that an issue? Screw calories, these people need to learn to eat right and learn to eat less. 10 oz of steak is too much for ANYONE (no steak at all would be preferable of course), let alone an obese 23 yr old mother.

Sure, the CBC is out to make profitable TV. Is that any sort of secret?

Get over it. Watch the show and be entertained, get emotional and maybe even get inspired to get off your ass and move.

Weighty Matters: Village on a Diet episode 3 recap: Nobody yelled!

And if you want to read more abot the show and its the LIVE RIGHT NOW program, here you go:

CBC Winter Season Focuses on Canadians' Health

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K+S+J said...

True dat, chicka! I'm watching the show too, and I kinda like it! I'm mostly following it to watch and see what happens with Jamie (and Jonathan and Chip the dog :) )...