Sunday, June 23, 2013

Spartan Sprint 2013 Review

Yesterday I completed my first ever Spartan Sprint (3+ miles of obstacle racing).  I am so proud of this accomplishment and amazed at what my body and mind combined to do.

Over 5km, my teammates and I scrambled up and over walls ranging from 4-10 feet + 20 foot rope ladder up and over walls, carried sand bags, ammo boxes and water jugs up and down hills, hoisted a cement block off the ground using a pulley system, tossed a javelin, heaved ourselves up a wet wall and back down a rope, crawled through the dirt in tunnels and under camo nets, waded through mud while dodging barbed wire and leap over flames.

No big deal.


It was the hardest thing (outside of labour - lol) I have ever done. And it proved to me a few things:

1) My body is capable of things I never thought possible,
2) While I still have a lof of weight to shed, am far stronger than I realized,
3) I have to really work on my cardio/running endurance,
4) My mind/head is the only thing that can stop me from doing something
5) With amazing people at my side, I can take on any challenge

With such a eye opening event behind me, I am now even more committed to becoming fit and fab, not only for the outside, but for the inside as well.

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