Thursday, April 26, 2012


More of the same this week, but at least that much closer to the end:

  • swollen feet and legs
  • sleeplessness
  • heartburn
  • waddling
  • serious vag pain (like someome is jbbing y in the cooter with a knitting needle - ya, awesome)\
  • minor contractions - just strong braxton hicks
  • lots of rolling and pushing from Peanut.

Had my weekly appointent today and damnit the GBS test came back positive.


Also Peanut was being a pain and it took forever to find the HB. Freaked me right out of course. Doc again not sure which way they are positioned so we are gonna go for a scan after my appointment next week if she is still not sure.

So ready to be done with pregnancy and just want to meet my babes already.

As of Sunday this Momma to Be will be doing whatever she can to get this part started ...

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K+S+J said...

Oh man! I remember those days... I hope you find some way to stay comfortable and rested. It's so tough near the end - hugs! And that sux about the GBS, but it is really common - so try to take some comfort in the fact that you're not alone. Moar hugs!!! Not much longer and you'll be snuggling your wee babe!!!!!!! :D