Monday, August 29, 2011


“Yoga is the control of the whirls of the mind (citta).” – Yoga-Sutra(1.2) 

“Yoga is ecstasy (samadhi).” – Yoga-Bhashya (1.1) 

What is Yoga? 

Yoga is as scientific or as spiritual as you would like it to be. It can be asana, meditation, a stretch, or a song. Through experimentation, stillness and movement, yoga unveils love and fear in raw forms without any crutches to grasp onto – besides your own breath and bravery. Yoga is hearing breath in the body, while changing muscle memory. Yoga is an understanding that asana, sensations and thoughts change daily, and we can forever learn in the bodies we inhabit. Above all, yoga is just a game –flowing through yoga classes, situations, relationships, and finding happiness in jokes and wide smiles. Remembering that all the tools we need to be living liberation are on this earth, in this body, right now. 

Oh how wonderful the last two weeks of reconnecting with my body and rediscovered my love of yoga has been. I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed the calm and quite of a daily practice.

I find myself centred, grounded clear of mind and soul.
I am strong, invigorated and powerful, sensations and feelings I have never found in going to the gym or while running.

These feeling are somewhat addictive and I am on my mat now daily, from 20 - 60 minutes, lost in my practice.  I have a new recycled & eco friendly mad on its way to me as I type this (thanks and cannot wait to unroll it tonight and again loose myself in the power and peacefulness of the asanas.

Thanks to the wonders of the interweb, I have been able to download amazing classes from and no longer have to fork out big cash monies or race from work to get to class. I can practice in the tranquility of my own home and then flop into bed, relaxed and ready for a solid nights sleep.

And what a pleasant suprise, Mr. P has started to join me in my daily sessions. Who would have every thought?!  I think the fact that he realized a few months ago that he could in NO WAY touch his feet with his fingers made the decision a little easier :)

He says he now can appreciate the athleticism required in yoga, but is not yet sure of the breathing, meditative mind and "cheesy music" of the classes. He will get there ... come little grasshopper, to the calming and peaceful world of yoga.

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