Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yikes. Reality check time grrl!

So it’s safe to say that since my return to Canada 9 months ago, I have become a lazy fat-ass.

I came home from my travels much slimmer than when I left and clearly being on the move in the never-ending humidity, carrying a 20Kg bag and chain smoking for 4 months sliced off a few pounds. But it is also clear that upon my return my eating and exercist habits went into the dumpster and when I found out I was pregnant in February I took massive license to pig out, and ditch my trice weekly gym dates.

I am heavier now that I have been in over 6 years and it’s gross and it makes me mad that I let this happen. I went to try on bathing suits today in anticipation of my AnniVEGASversay vacation next week and was disgusted. Cellulite and dimples all over my thighs and butt, muffin top oozing out everywhere, abs non-existent and hidden under rolls of fat, arm fat flapping with every move; a royal mess. It was horrifying.

Why only today I was able to see this boggles the mind. I look at myself buck-ass nekkid everyday, however I never realized that shit was getting WAY outta control. Sure I knew the jeans were getting tighter and the baggy shirts were being dragged out from the back of the closet, but damnit, reality didn’t hit until a few hours ago.

So here I go again. Back on the trusty GI Lifestyle, the single most effective way for me to manage my weight. It worked before and I dropped 50 lbs slowly and without drastic or crazy diet tricks, and I keep it off until just a year go.

Damn you bread and wine. DAMN YOU!! You will no longer make my ass dimply, my thigh doughy or make my bingo wings wave in the breeze. These things are of the past and I will find my 26 inch waist again, I will get into to my ridiculously hawt aqua, zipper adorned size 4 Guess? pants, OH YES, this will be done.

So eff this – I am back in control. I got this. ITS GO TIME!

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