Monday, June 13, 2011

Wise Words from Tera Warner & Alex Ortner

There are the three big reasons for why most "diet" and weight loss programs don't work and
just lead people into a rebounding roller coaster with their food and their weight.

1. You'll never get thin as long as you feel fat.

We've proven by now that there's more to "you" than your meat and bones. The thoughts you think,
your relationships, attitude toward life have a HUGE impact on your overall health.

The fact is, as long as you feel fat, you'll never get thin. The image you hold of yourself is the one you're walking into. You've got to start changing that image NOW to really be able to change your personal shape and appearance!

Any program that doesn't address your attitudetoward yourself, your body and life in general,
isn't worth a dime! It's just not going to work.

2. What good is being "skinny" if you're SICK?

Most programs out there focus on counting calories, carbs, and grams of fat, etc. but they have completely overlooked the nutritional value and quality of the foods they're eating.

What good is a calorie-reduced brownie and lasagna in a small portion, if it contributes to diabetes, asthma, chronic bowel issues and feeds cancer!?

When you're feeding yourself the foods your body really needs...

When you're eating unprocessed, whole foods the way nature served them up...

...cravings disappear and you lose your addictive relationship to salty, sweet, and fatty processed foods that pack on the pounds and leave you feeling

When your body finds what it really needs, it will stop looking and start letting go of the excess weight. You'll start to look younger and feel better than ever before almost effortlessly.

Your cravings will disappear, and you'll stop fighting your body and start listening to what it really wants.

3. You need help and new habits.

After a lifetime of creating not-so-healthy habits, it takes more than wishful thinking and carrot sticks to make lasting health changes.

It takes courage, persistence, determination, dedication and... takes support.

Sometimes just the fact that someone else believes in your ability to change your life is the inspiration you need to make it happen.

Life is not easy, and in our instant-gratification society most people are hooked into their iphone more than their heartbeat these days.

To make new habits stick in our fast-paced world, we need a clear structure, a rhythm--something we can rely on to stabilize us in an increasingly unstable world.

A helping hand and a clear, organized system can be the most important ingredients to your long term success!!"


How would your life be different if you had someone who believes in you and a system to put in place the healthy habits you know you could be doing?

Find out this summer by going here:

To your bikini body success!

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