Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lifestyle Overhaul Day #2

Well, its Day #2 of the Lifestyle Overhaul and so far, so good.

In an attempt to reign in my overeating and continue to give myself a massive dose of reality, I started searching out apps for diet/food journaling. Most seeming cost a few bucks, uh ya no - not interested in paying for a basic tool thanks. But then I found this handy little dude which has both an online site and mobile app, both of which are FREE.

Now we're talking. And this little dude is dead easy to use. The more complicated things like this are the more prone to tossing them I become so simplicity is key.

For me its all about portion control and accountability. I am a massive snacker and if left to my own vices I would absentmindedly eat all night long  only yo end up a 200lb heifer. No thanks, been close enough before to know that is not a pretty sight.

So if there are some of you out there that like me, need to be real about what you are putting in your face and think that keeping a food diary would be helpful then check out this site, and like I said above, it has mobile apps so you can keep track of you mowing while away from the computer, which I really need to do more of as well.

Skinny jeans here I come!


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