Monday, September 28, 2009

Reality Check 1 Million

Really, when am I gonna get this? Why do I keep fooling myself. What is my issue?

Here's what I'm talking about:

Today at my training session I got a nasty reality check. It hurt but I guess he knew that's what I needed ...

My amazing trainer David (who is a great combo of patient and drill sargent) told me under no uncertain terms that I have to start being accountable and start actually working hard if I want to see results. He called me out on not working out as much as I should be, eating shitty and being just generally lazy.

OUCH! The truth sure has a nasty sting to it sometimes.

BUT he's right and as much as that may suck, its the truth.

I have a goal I want to achieve and I am no where near it. And you'd think at this point I would have realized that my powers of visualization are not as strong as I think. No matter what I may think, I cannot WILL things to happen. I'm good, but not that good.

So, his instructions to me were this:

1) Make Goals: He wants to see a 1 month goal, a 3 month goal and a 12 month goal.

OK, that's not so bad ...

2) Keep a food diary: I have to track everything I put in my mouth AND he want to see it every time we meet up.

UGH ...

3) Work out MORE: I have to amp it up to at least 3 workouts a week, and that DOES NOT include our intense 1 hour sessions once a week

Double UGH

OK, well I guess its not all the unreasonable.

So I started when I got home. I grabbed a small note book I had and jotted down the days food intake. And honestly, today was a good one. No excess sugar, no junk food, minimal carbs ... but not a lot of protein or water.

And here is what I had for dinner: Sauteed purple yams with light salt, grilled pork tenderloin a la Phil, grilled red pepper strips and some coconut basmati rice.

So I guess Day 1 went OK, room for improvement but overall - OK.

Let's see how tomorrow pans out ...

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Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... That pic looks delicious! :) I hear you on the accountability, it's time I did the same. Those handfuls of jellybeans from my boss's office have to stop. You're taking steps in the right direction, lady! Good on ya!