Tuesday, May 22, 2012


And here we are, 2 days past Peanuts guess date. Shocking, nope. I predicted this but am still a little bummed. However, this is my child, who is now a Gemini and clearly has begun to play by their own rules. Ahhh little one, you are just like Mommy.

Last Drs appointment today went well though. Survey Says - 1 cm dilated, very short cervix and head has finally engaged!! Dr expects me to go in the next few days.


The internal was super uncomfy but it did confirm that all that pain I've been having over the last few weeks is in fact my cervix. Dr put me on the induction list for Monday just in case but doesn't think I will make it till then - Lets hope so!

Going to book myself an acupuncture and massage appointment for Thursday in hopes that I have to cancel it :)

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