Sunday, May 13, 2012

39w and DONE

Emotional breakdown #2 this morning. 730am sobb-fest due to total lack of sleep and utter physical discomfort.

P was at a loss, justst let me cry and blubber and rubbed my back and hugged me.

 Slept on and off till noon and was suprised to find brunch and a lovely Mommy to Be card waiting for me. What a man. Now I am restless again, tired but not sleepy ... so I am baking cookies.

 Really hoping my "normal" self returns soon. I am not used to being so out of control of my body and mind. I cant take the constant back aches, restless legs, indigestion and heartburn much more. I need to sleep and feel rested plus I am DYING to meet my kid!!


K+S+J said...

*HUGS* Not much longer now!!

Cara Sheppard said...

You'll get there - and so soon! And trust me, you'll forget all about this stage once you hold your precious babe in your arms. :)