Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm Back Baby

Yup, all 4 of you may have noticed that I was AWOL the last few months. And this is 100% due to life and its never-ending rollercoaster of crap.

But whatever, its all behind me now and I am back and ready to roll.

The last few months I have been a big ball of exhausted, nausea, headachy, moody, bathroom dashing craziness. And if you can read between those few lines, you will have realized that all of that is because I am PREGNANT! Yes, again for the 3rd time in less than a year I am with child, but this little Peanut is so far here to stay. I am 14 weeks in and so far my team (yes, team) of Drs is very happy with all the progress, hubby is super positive and I have started to come around to Team Excited from Team Paranoid.

And now that I am officially in the 2nd trimester, it seems that all the ick that is accustom in the 1st tri has passed and I am back to my old energetic non barfy self. ABOUT TIME! Geeze.

So to celebrate I have been back in the kitchen and cooking my butt off (now that I can stand the smell of anything other than bread and rice -oh ya, its been a fun 12 weeks).

Last weekend was India Fest at Chez M. I made a mean chana masala, spinach saag, and a super tasty aloo gobi. Alas, i forgot to take any photos in my mad desire to eat!

Today however is different. We have some lovely dinner guest coming over in the next few hours and so I started cooking yesterday for my massive fave: Lasagna. I sauteed mushrooms and onions in veg broth, cooked up some delish tomato basil garlic sauce and master crafted some of my famous, omni-tricking tofu ricotta. This morning I started off the day with a fantastic Blueberry Banana Bread and  finished up my lasagna bits and bobs with some fresh chopped organic spinach and sauteed sweet peppers and onions. And then I layered one kind of goodness on top of the other and created, what I may say is my lasagna masterpiece.

Food porn photos to come ...

Ohhh, ya. I am BACK baby!

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