Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BBC News - Global fish consumption hits record high

And on the heels of my last post ...

BBC News - Global fish consumption hits record high

Findings published by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) stressed that the status of global fish stocks had not improved.

It said that about 32% were overexploited, depleted or recovering.

They said that most stocks of the top 10 commercial species, which accounted for almost a third of global catches, were fully exploited.

"Of the 23 tuna stocks, most are more or less fully exploited (possibly up to 60%), some are overexploited or depleted (possibly up to 35%) and only a few appear to be underexploited (mainly skipjack)," they wrote.

"In the long-term, because of the substantial demand for tuna and the significant overcapacity of tuna fishing fleets, the status of tuna stocks may deteriorate further if there is no improvement in their management.

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