Monday, December 14, 2009

Kitchen Gadget Bliss

As much as I love to roll my sleeves up and get into it, sometime endless chopping, mincing and dicing makes this gal go MAD. I decided it was time to stop the insanity and get some help.

So while I am not in the position to hire a "sous-chef de cuisine", I opted to go the more economical route and purchase a budget friendly handy, dandy food chopper.

Now, I live in a very tiny condo where kitchen space is at a premium, so I needed something that would be up for the tasks at hand, yet take up very little working & living space, so …


The madness has ended, the onion tears have stopped and the culinary escapades are back in full swing. And all thanks to little guy:

Everything from dicing veggies, mincing parsley and dill to chopping chocolate and nuts is now SO easy.

Thank you Black and Decker One-Touch Chopper - THANK YOU!

Now back to the kitchen …

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Anonymous said...

Nice! We've got a Cuisinart that looks very similar, and I've gotta say it's saved my butt on a regular basis. They're also AWESOME for making baby food... FYI :)