Saturday, November 14, 2009

What the ... HUH?

That was my reaction to the scale this morning ...

What the .... how is this possible?

Is this thing right?

I am gonna go out and say yes, its right because it weighed Mr P correctly the other day so if that's the case ...

then WHOLLY CRAP I'VE LOST 10 LBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew my pants were getting baggy and the belt notches were getting smaller but really, 10 whole lbs ....


I guess all the working out and wholesome eating is really paying off.

And I even got a compliment on my skin today - Umm, that NEVER happens. But I have to admit, since losing the dairy the skin is really cleared up and even, dare I say ... glowing.

I had heard of these side effects of changing my diet but never honestly expected to see them.

What a pleasant surprise.

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Anonymous said...

WOWZA!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's AWESOME! HOLY CRAP!!